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Any Aircon Problem

Auto Air Conditioner Repairs and Regassing for all models of cars, trucks, campervans and motor  cycles are popular in the hotter months. And even in the cooler months the auto air-conditioner can reduce humidity and give you a fog free windscreen

A full diagnostic test will discover any problem which hinders your vehicle performing at its best

  • Gas leaks
  • Low Gas
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Hoses

Can all cause problems

Bacteria in auto air conditionersRemoving Bacteria

Recently clients have been asking Sean to disinfect their car air conditioners… Mould can sometimes form within an air conditioner causing a musty odour and it is also unhealthy. 

The air in your car will always be fresh and healthy. Enjoy!

Air Con Guy Gold CoastAC Compressor

A car’s AC Compressor is really a mechanical pump. Under pressure it circulates the refrigerant in your vehicle’s AC system. The remaining parts of the air conditioner enable the refrigerant to cool the air that enters your car.
The first sign that your compressor is failing is that the air being blown into your car is not as cool as it once was.It is wise to have regular servicing of your car’s air conditioner to keep it running at peak efficiency
Regularly serviced air conditioners last much longer
If your car’s air conditioner is not performing at its best call Sean for a complete check-up and service

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